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Jokowi should no longer carry out imaging politics

  Jokowi should no longer carry out imaging politics

Jokowi should no longer carry out imaging politics

DAILY NEWS ■ President Joko Widodo should no longer launch image politics in running the government at the end of his term as President.

This was conveyed by a political and legal expert at the National University of Jakarta, Saiful Anam, in response to Jokowi's attitude of giving a jacket while visiting the disaster site which caused a crowd of people.

"Why does Jokowi continue to image by distributing jackets to the public? I don't think it is necessary, because his term of office will soon be over," said Saiful, on Sunday (11/4).

According to him, Indonesia is not a kingdom that will continue to be led by a king and his family.

He added that even the politics of imaging were useless because Jokowi's leadership would end in 2024.

"For this reason, Jokowi should now focus more on legacy which will be a memory for the Indonesian people. I don't think that by distributing jackets, it can (be done by) the village head," said Saiful.

Instead of pursuing a positive image, Jokowi should give a good legacy to the people and future leaders, not with a debt burden that is now increasing.

"The inheritance of debts, which is not good enough for the history of the story to the nation's successors. Jokowi must leave good things, for example a democratic system that is more open and just for all, a political economy system that continues to progress and develop and so on, not only. distributing jackets, "said Saiful. (Dirman)

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